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Custom Home Design & Builds

New Home Construction for a House You Can Call Home

Building a brand new custom home is the opportunity you have been looking for to build the perfect home for you and your family. Whatever the reason why you have decided to build one thing is certain, you need a great custom home builder on your team. GVS Construction is the preferred custom home builder for Southern Nevada. No one knows better than us the hassles that can arise during a custom home construction. Having our team of seasoned custom home builders in your corner will benefit you greatly from design to move-in.

Custom Homes

If you are looking for a “cookie cutter” or copy of an existing home, we can refer you to someone else. At GVS Construction we only build truly custom homes for our clients. From the moment you begin working with our in-house design team we will be building with you in mind. Customizing your new home at every step. Want an open concept? You got it. Outdoor living space is your thing? No problem. All we ask is that you bring the inspiration, and your list of “must-haves” for your new home. It is our design team that will be tasked with bringing your vision to life.

It is only after our design team has completed their task, and you are in love with your custom home design, that we will begin construction on your dream home.

GVS Construction takes pride in custom home construction services for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

As a true design-build contracting firm, we handle the entire design and construction process from start to finish. Building a custom or semi-custom home is affordable and easy with GVS Construction. With GVS it is not necessary to spend up-front architectural plan & design fees to determine what a new home will cost to build. Typical architectural costs are 6-10% of the total project.

Gone Are The Days Of Guessing

Pre-Construction Virtual Reality Walk-through

Designing and building homes is like second nature to our team. If you ask for a room that is 20X20 or a specific pattern to tiles, we can envision the final result. This comes after building many homes over the years. You have likely not gone through this process, and therefore a drawing or even a great rendering may not be enough. For this reason our team has searched high and low to find a way to allow our clients the ability to “walk through” their design, even before construction begins.

Using the latest in 3D rendering technology combined with wearable artificial reality equipment our clients are able to stand, walk through, and see their finished home before approving the design. You’ll know what your flooring looks like with your chosen wall color. How every individual element works together can be seen inside, and out. Even the views from your windows are all included. This is how GVS Construction can ensure that our clients understand the outcome of their project prior to starting construction, and as a result, avoid costly changes. This is a design feature unique to GVS Construction.

Ask our team to show you how it works.

Sustainability Built In

All GVS Construction new custom home projects include a variety of building practices, materials, and features to ensure maximum sustainability and minimum carbon footprints. For examples, all GVS Construction custom homes are designed with PV Solar Panels to ensure low cost operation of your new home. Our team automatically includes materials and features proven to increase efficiencies, and decrease waste. We are also able to include features such as electric vehicle charging stations and battery backups, upon request.

Design Through Build Process

Your new home build could take several months to complete. At each step your GVS Construction team is there to answer any questions and communicate next steps as well as timelines.


You and your realtor will choose several lots in your desired area/s that you prefer to build on.


Prior to purchasing the lot, we will perform an analysis of the lots of your choosing to evaluate its potential to build the type of home you wish, and to expose any hidden costs.


GVS will provide you with a complete detailed proposal so you know exactly what your new custom home will cost to build.


We will schedule several meetings to collaboratively design your new home. You are involved in the design process so we can be sure that you are getting the exact home of your dreams.


Once you have approved your design and received and approval from your local jurisdiction, we then begin making your dream home a reality. We manage all aspects of the project.

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