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Real Estate Development

Your ground-up real estate development project needs the experience and know-how of a professional real estate development firm.

In Las Vegas, Nevada the company you should contact is GVS Design Build . Our team of designers, contractors, and managers will ensure that your project gets started on the right foot and finishes on budget and on time.

From site selection to management our team will be the only one you need.

Condos and Apartments

It takes a truly masterful construction company to build multi-family housing such as town homes, condos and apartment buildings. Keeping them on budget and on time is challenging work routinely faced by the GVS Construction team. Insuring material deliveries and inspections don’t delay your project is a task in of itself. Having a professional team, like the one at GVS Design Build, is the key you need for your next project.

Custom Home Developments

Small developments to large, master-planned communities, GVS Design Build can build your vision. We have the experience you need to ensure that your site is appropriate for your vision. Securing the proper permits, inspections and sign-offs, as well as placing the proper management team in place, are all included in our services.

The Attraction of Sustainability

Your multi-family project will include a variety of building practices, materials, and features to ensure maximum sustainability and minimum carbon footprints. For examples, GVS Design Build projects often include energy efficiencies such as PV Solar Panels to ensure low cost operation of your new home. Our team automatically includes materials and features proven to increase efficiencies, and decrease waste. We are also able to include features such as electric vehicle charging stations and battery backups, upon request.

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