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Solar Projects

Energy efficiency is here to stay, and so can your ability to pay less, or nothing, in energy costs. With a solar project managed by GVS Design Build you are sure to find that your install is all sunshine. Automatically including solar into our construction projects, the GVS team is well versed at installing solar on almost any exterior surface.

Solar Arrays

With almost 300 days of sunshine annually the desert surrounding Las Vegas is an ideal location for your next solar array. Businesses have placed solar panels above parking structures, on rooftops, and even on the ground. Using the latest technology, the most efficient panels, and our professional savvy will ensure not only a swift completion of your project, but also the maximum production of your panels.

Designing and building both small and large scale Solar PV systems means reduced energy consumption, but doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of the aesthetic of your structures.

Where other companies see problems, we find solutions. Speak to a GVS Design Build solar expert today.

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