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Produce your own renewable clean energy, get a huge tax credit, and slash your energy bill with our solar panel installation. We take care of panel design, installation, financing, and monitoring.

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GVS Solar Energy can help!  We pride ourselves on providing high-quality Residential and Commercial Solar Installations.
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Are you trying to save money and become energy independent using the power of the sun? With GVS Solar Energy  panels on your home, you can free yourself from the utility company and reduce your monthly bill.


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Having battery backup for your home or business can significantly reduce your utility bills and give you access to stored energy when you need it – even during a power outage. This is the peace of mind GVS Solar Energy provides.


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As a business owner, your energy strategy is the key component when it comes to reducing monthly electricity costs. GVS Solar Energy is here to provide you with the best solar energy solution that suits the needs of your business.


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Get professional and reliable installation of solar in Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County when you call (702) 202-1211 today. 

Searching the Internet for “solar companies near me” likely pulls up a variety of solar companies in Las Vegas all claiming to offer the best. So you must ask yourself, what does “the best” really mean? From the smallest residential project to the largest commercial projects, we at GVS Solar Energy can tell you very simply what it means to us. The BEST solar systems yield the longest useful life with the lowest cost of ownership. Systems that operate with minimal issues for the longest period of time will produce the most power, deliver the best solar efficiency, and therefore are the best value.

Are you looking for a professional Las Vegas solar company you can rely on?  You have come to the right place!  At GVS Solar Energy, we focus on providing you with the solutions you need at a great value.  Your project becomes our number one priority and we will not consider the job done until you are completely satisfied with the results.  That is our GVS promise!

There is a reason so many homeowners and businesses trust GVS Solar Energy with their solar panels in Las Vegas.  We put our customers first.  We treat each customer as if they were our only customer.  From start to finish, as your local solar contractor in Las Vegas, it is our goal to offer you the highest level of customer service.  The best part is that we do this all for an extremely fair and competitive rate.
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Why Go Solar in Las Vegas?
Las Vegas is ranked as one of the top 10 sunniest cities on Earth. Sunshine is one of Nevada’s greatest resources . . . and it is unlimited!  In Nevada, solar just makes sense. Helping you harness the power of solar energy to provide clean, reliable energy, and protect against rising energy costs is what we do at GVS Solar Energy.

Installing solar panels in Las Vegas, Nevada is a great investment! Not only is the cost of solar panel installation and battery storage at an all-time low, but your solar panels also pay for themselves in home value increases! Homebuyers are paying an average of $15,000 more for a home with solar installed on it, according to research studies.

It is no surprise that more Nevada families and businesses choose to go solar.  In fact, Las Vegas is ranked the #2 Solar Superstar in the top U.S. Cities for Solar Energy.
Residential 30%
Solar Tax Credit
The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal income tax liability for anyone who purchases solar panels for their home. The amount credited is equal to 30% of the purchase price (less state incentives) of your solar system, your battery backup system, and any electrical work needed to install the system
NV Energy Storage Incentive
NV Energy offers an upfront storage incentive of up to $3,000 for homeowners who add a battery to their solar panel system.
Solar Tax Credit
The Inflation Reduction Act expanded and increased the commercial solar tax credit known as the Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The commercial solar tax credit lets business owners recoup a portion of the cost of installing a solar system & solar battery energy storage. This federal tax credit can be worth up to 30% of the system’s total cost. The system may also become eligible for the production tax credit. Along with accelerated depreciation and net metering, clean energy makes an attractive and financially viable option for business owners.
Please verify all information regarding the ITC with your tax representative.
Nevada Net Metering
Net metering allows residential and commercial solar customers, who generate their own electricity, to feed what they do not use back into the grid. As the excess generated energy feeds back into the grid, the system owner receives credits for their excess solar production of electricity.
Making the switch with a Las Vegas solar company like GVS Solar Energy can protect your home or business during outages, give you more control over electric bills, and reduce your carbon footprint for decades.  Solar panels in Las Vegas literally pay for themselves!


offer free blown-in attic insulation with purchase of residential solar energy pv system minimum 18kw must mention offer
Join the Growing Number of Households Installing Solar Panels in Las Vegas NV
Fed up with high energy bills? Want to find a way to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to save the planet without sacrificing your comfortable lifestyle? Solar panel installation is the perfect solution for you.

GVS Solar Energy, a division of GVS Design & Build Construction, offers solar systems connected to the electrical grid, which are the most common type of solar panel system. This type of system allows you to sell excess electricity back to the electric utility company. At times, if your home requires more power than the solar panel system can provide, electricity from the electric grid is automatically imported into your home. This process is called Net Metering.

Because the monthly cost of a solar loan, plus the new utility bill, is lower than the monthly cost of electricity before solar, homeowners save money on their electric bill.
Your home can benefit from residential solar in Las Vegas by:
  • Reducing your electric bill
  • Isolating you from rising energy prices
  • Fixing expenses to help you plan your budget
  • Increasing your home’s value
  • Securing backup power during a power outage (requires solar battery storage)
  • Reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment
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Solar installation starts with an energy analysis to determine how much energy you need. GVS will discuss your goals, explain your equipment options, and customize the perfect system to suit your needs. 
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Start Generating Your Own Electric Energy

Create your own affordable solar energy.  Now is the time to start saving money on your electric bill.  Getting solar panels in Las Vegas will allow you to take advantage of our hot sun and lower your energy costs.  At GVS Solar Energy we will do the most to teach you about the ins and outs of solar power during a no-obligation, free consultation and answer all your questions.  To optimize your savings, we will custom design a solar PV system that gives you the best solution for the energy goals you set for your home.  Don’t miss out on the benefits of solar energy for your home.


Solar Battery Storage
Solar batteries can provide you with up to 70% of your energy needs for your home or business. When you include energy storage with your solar installation, you can use that stored energy to power your home or business after sunset. Batteries also supply your home or business with energy during peak hours of demand when utility companies charge the most for electricity. Drawing power from your battery instead of the grid saves you money on electricity.

Without a battery, your panels will not provide solar power to your home or business during power outages. This is because the National Electrical Code requires solar systems to be shut down when the grid goes down for safety reasons. 
las vegas solar energy inverter and storage batteries gvs design build
This leaves you and your family without power to critical appliances like your refrigerator, freezer, and lights. It can also leave your business without power for computers, phones, and the Internet. But if you have a solar battery installation, you can maintain power in your home or business when the grid goes down.
As soon as the grid goes down, the battery detects it and starts supplying your home or business with power in milliseconds. You won’t even notice that the switch to battery power has occurred. The battery will start supplying your home or business with electricity, and it will continue to be charged by solar panels.
Solar Battery Installation in Las Vegas can benefit your home or business by:
  • Maximizing your solar investment
  • Storing excess solar energy and using it when the sun is not up
  • Making your entire solar system more self-sufficient
  • Providing an added layer of backup and emergency preparedness in power outages
  • Having more control over your energy expenses as Time-of-Use rates continue to spike
  • Giving you more flexibility and less dependence on the grid and local utility companies
Solar battery systems provide a way to become less reliant on the grid and take control of your energy usage. With solar batteries, you can save money on your electricity bills and have peace of mind knowing your home or business will have power if the utility grid goes down.

The residential and commercial solar industry has progressed in recent years, with the cost of solar panels and solar batteries declining rapidly. As of 2022, the government is offering lucrative tax exemptions for solar batteries and other energy efficiency improvements. Having the security of knowing that your home or business will always have electricity is now more affordable than ever!
GVS Solar Energy can help you choose the right path forward whether you are looking for 24/7 renewable energy, backup power, or full energy independence.  GVS can design, create, and install a custom solar battery storage system for your home or business that meets your energy needs.  Ready for backup power?  Want to control your energy costs? Purchasing a solar battery could be your next step.  Find out today if solar battery installation is right for your home or business.


Commercial Solar Panels in Las Vegas
Looking for ways to cut costs and improve your bottom line? Solar energy power is one of the most cost-effective & efficient ways to do this. Installing commercial solar panels in Las Vegas is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electric bill.
With the hot sun beating down on your commercial building, your electric bills are through the roof. You can take advantage of government tax incentives and reduce your energy costs with a commercial solar system.

Going solar gives your business the opportunity to save a serious amount of cash by owning a power-generating asset instead of perpetually renting power from the electric company. Electricity costs are substantial for commercial buildings. A solar power system can dramatically decrease these expenses and will pay off more as time goes by. Fixed-interest solar loan monthly payments never go up, while Nevada utility companies raise their rates every year. Electricity prices will continue to rise.
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Commercial Solar in Las Vegas can benefit your business by:
  • Protecting against rising electricity rates
  • Reducing operating costs and improving cash flow
  • Securing solar tax credits and government incentives
  • Increasing your bottom line
  • Having a valuable asset with a strong return on investment and accelerated depreciation
  • Increasing your property and business value
  • Having zero downtime with battery backup storage
  • Gaining more appeal to eco-conscious customers and corporate partners
Many businesses install solar battery backup with their commercial solar panels in Las Vegas. If the grid goes down, your business can still experience expensive downtime. You need your computers, phones, and the Internet to make money, all of which can go offline for an unknown amount of time. With solar battery storage attached, your business operations will always continue in a grid failure.

Now is the time to install a commercial solar system with affordable monthly payments and start saving money on electricity during the first year after installation.
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Design Your Commercial Solar Array

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Explore Purchase and Financing Options

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Expert Installation by Our Team

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Maintain & Monitor Your Commercial Solar Install 

We are Here to Help Your Business Go Solar!
Are you looking for a commercial solar installer in Las Vegas that you can trust for expert advice and a professional installation? Look no further than GVS Solar Energy, a division of GVS Design & Build Construction.  We put our customers first and deliver best-in-class solar projects that help businesses take control of their own energy production.  We can do the same for you.  Don’t miss out on the benefits of commercial solar power


Myth:  Solar is Too Expensive!
The cost of solar has dropped dramatically over the last two decades making solar more affordable than ever.  Electricity rates are increasing, so lower solar costs and higher utility rates have improved the return on investment and payback.  In fact, solar power isn’t just about being nice to the environment; it’s a wise financial decision.  In most cases, homeowners will save tens of thousands of dollars or more over the life of a system.

Going solar does not mean you have to pay for it all at the time of installation. Several solar financing options exist to help spread out the costs over time, plus federal tax credits and state incentives, offset the costs.  This makes solar still well worth the investment even after calculating interest charges.
With all this in mind, going solar can save you significantly on your electric bill and can even increase your home’s value.  A 2018 Zillow analysis said solar panels raised the value of a home by 4.1% across the U.S.  Call us to find out more.


GVS Solar Energy -

a division of GVS Design & Build Construction


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"  Great Service, Installation and Installer!
We can only say when you hire these guys, they are the best. From Miguel the owner, to Perry and Charles the installers the process was smooth even with the snow that fell during construction. They showed up on time did the solar ground mount installation and were thorough in showing us how to work it (i.e. turning it on and if necessary off).  Miguel even dealt with NV Energy and all city inspections and last minutes code changes. If NV Energy was as easy to deal with as this company everyone would have solar.
~ jay90g60

"  They Can Do It All!
Quality job done in a timely manner. They care about doing the job correctly.  I plan on using this company for other work. They can do it all which makes it nice since you only need to deal with one contractor.
~ Ken.

"  I Will Go to GVS For All The Work I Need!
These guys came out to work on my pontoon style, on ground, solar array.  The system was paid for on Oct 15, 2018.  Sat on the property until all the permit hoops were all completed. The solar  panels were purchased from CSE Solar Solutions lead salesman, Ofer Salter.  The awesome crew is from GVS Construction, Miguel Gutierrez Owner/CEO,  Electrical power- Perry Rainwater, Charles Lott, and the Stan the Stanimal.  These guys overcame some pretty complex situations as they proceeded to assemble this, so far, “One of a kind,” on the ground solar system, right here in Pahrump.  10,720W, 32 panels, 4 per set of pontoons, of which there are 8 stands.  I can hardly wait for Valley Electric to perform the last task of flipping it “ON”.  Should happen in the next few days.  I will go to GVS for all the work I still need done.
~ Tim S.



Who We Are!
Honesty, Loyalty, Partnership, Top Quality.  Since 2011, GVS has provided design build construction services with a focus on our clients’ needs and budget. We have established a strong reputation within our markets by executing projects on time, within budget, exceeding required building standards and taking the time to do things the proper way. With GVS Design & Build Construction, you will never have to choose between quality workmanship and affordable pricing!  Get the best of both worlds with us.
miguel gutierrez owner president ceo of gvs construction llc
Miguel Gutierrez
Owner, President, CEO
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Miguel always had a vision of incorporating design with construction for a true design build experience. With a background in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, Miguel was able to achieve this through discipline, organization, and knowledge acquired while participating in distinct roles on different projects over the years.

Miguel embraces the definition of Renaissance Master builders such as Michelangelo and their theories of practice to modern day applications. For Example, Miguel would be found in the trenches with concrete form setters one day, and then on top of a beam the next day with a framing crew.
“ Very early on in my career I found out the hard way that the design disciplines had little to no interaction with the trades. Working with senior level Architects on major projects I realized there was a strict separation between design and the physical work occurring in the field. Projects would run out of control with change orders, request for information (RFI’s), and lack of conveyance of design intent, resulting in the original design idea vanishing into thin air with only a mere shadow of the original design being built.  I came to the realization that, by offering a true design build and communicating directly with the trades, projects would run under budget and the original design idea would not be lost. "
soledad martinez director of operations of gvs construction llc
Soledad Martinez
Director of Operations
Administrative coordination, human resource representative, payroll and billing administration.
rick rodrigo director of sales cem of gvs construction llc
Rick Rodrigo
Director of Sales/CEM
Sales team management, sales coordination, marketing and high-level project management.
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