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Miguel Gutierrez

Owner, President, CEO

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Miguel always had a vision of incorporating design with construction for a true design build experience. With a background in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Miguel was able to achieve this through discipline, organization, and acquired knowledge through the years participating in distinct roles on different projects.

Miguel embraces the definition of Renaissance Master builders such as Michael Angelo and their theories of practice to modern day applications. For Example, Miguel would be found in the trenches with concrete form setters one day, and then on top of a beam the next day with a framing crew. Very early on in my career I found out the hard way that the design disciplines had little to no interaction with the trades. Working with senior level Architects on major projects early in my career I realized there was a strict separation between design and physical work occurring in the field. Projects would run out of control with Change Orders, RFI’s, and Lack of conveyance of design intent with your original design idea vanishing into thin air with only a mere shadow of the original design being built. I quickly realized that by offering a true design build experience projects would run under budget, and the original design idea not being lost by communicating directly with the trades.​

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