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Need a Professional Window & Door Company in Las Vegas?
GVS Windows & Doors can Help!  We pride ourselves on high-quality Residential and Commercial Window and Door Installation.
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Whether you are renovating your home and need new windows, or you are thinking about replacing your current windows to enhance the beauty of your home, GVS Windows & Doors provides both new window installation and window replacement in Las Vegas.


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Whether your front door is older and it is time to be replaced or you think a different style of door would better suit the aesthetic of your property, GVS Windows & Doors can provide you with professional entry door replacement services.


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Do you have a deck or patio where you enjoy breathing in the fresh air and watching the sun rise or set? If you’re looking for a breathtaking gateway to bring the outdoors into your home, GVS Windows & Doors has an innovative design team that can help make your dream a reality.


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Get professional and reliable window and door replacement in Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County when you call (702) 202-1211 today. 

Are you looking to make a statement with your home's exterior and interior design? Look no further than GVS Windows & Doors, your trusted design and installation source for high-quality architectural doors and windows in Las Vegas, NV.

Experience the Ultimate in Style, Quality, and Performance. With a wide range of styles and materials, we have the perfect solution for any design aesthetic. Whether you are looking for elegant French doors, sleek sliding doors, or beautiful bay windows, we have you covered. Our team of design experts will work with you to select the right doors and windows to unleash the beauty of your home and provide a seamless installation experience that you will love.

At GVS Windows & Doors, we believe that quality and performance go hand-in-hand. That is why we use only the finest to ensure that your new doors and windows not only look beautiful but also perform at the highest level. With our window and door installations, you will enjoy improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and worry-free performance. That is our GVS promise!
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Residential and Commercial Window & Door Replacement and Installation in Las Vegas.  When it comes to quality windows and doors, we have the styles and choices you want.  We work with our clients to meet their needs and affordability.  We look forward to working with you and making your window and door dreams a reality.


Window Replacement Las Vegas
Are you thinking about replacing your old windows? Do you want to make your home appear more welcoming? Did you know that window and door replacement generally yield a better return on investment than additions and even kitchen remodels?

Window replacement is a fast and cost-effective way to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Few things improve the look, feel, energy efficiency, and comfort of your home like new windows. Whether you have drafts, high heating and cooling bills, or simply old windows that don’t open and close easily, window replacement adds value to your home and looks great.
Is it time to replace your windows? Here are a few signs to look out for:
  • Your windows are cloudy, damaged, leaking, warped, or broken. Condensation or fog between the windowpanes can be a sign that the seal is broken and they should be replaced. Old windows that are no longer sealed can also allow dust, dirt, and other debris into your home, as well as noise from outside. Warped windows may still be operable but are just going to get worse.
  • Your windows are drafty in the winter or hot in the summer, which means they are not doing their job.
  • Your energy bills are too high. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows can lower your bill.
  • You are ready for a change. Updating your windows can go a long way in improving the beauty of your rooms and your home.
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Whether you are renovating your home or starting a construction project from scratch, you have come to the right place. GVS Windows & Doors offers a full range of materials and style options, so whether you are looking for new construction or window replacement, we have solutions for every project.

Our well-insulated windows will protect your home from extreme outdoor conditions. We offer energy-saving windows that will block out the sun’s rays, reducing your energy costs, and improving your indoor comfort.  They also look beautiful.
We use only high-quality materials for your windows. We design each project for style, energy efficiency, and durability. Our replacement windows come in various types and frame options to suit your project requirements. Our team will help you make practical and aesthetic decisions every step of the way, from design to installation.
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With your free consultation, our replacement window consultant will walk you through your window style options and colors.  They will also review our current promotions and determine the best financing options for your project so you can get the best solution for your needs and budget.


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Entry Door Installation Las Vegas
Have you been looking at your front door and wishing you could transform your entryway into something more inviting, visually appealing, and more suited to your taste?
Your home’s entry door says a lot about you and your style. It is one of the first things people notice about your home.
A well-crafted and styled entry door in Las Vegas can:
  • Change the entire look of your home.
  • Enhance your home’s appearance and add curb appeal.
  • Save you money by significantly reducing your energy costs.
  • Protect your home by making your front door more secure.
  • Enable you to make a personal design statement simply and effectively!
modern home pivot entry door installation las vegas gvs design build
las vegas door installation pivot entry door gvs design build
Showcase your home’s individuality with a gorgeous entry door that complements the character of your home and family. At GVS Windows & Doors, all our exterior doors are designed to offer you the highest standards of quality, performance, and durability. Replace your entry door and enjoy the best value in beauty, safety, and energy efficiency.

Neighbors, whose houses you admire, have trusted GVS Windows & Doors to install beautiful, affordable entry doors that have increased their homes’ value. Transform the look of your home with a new exterior door. We will help you find a stylish and durable door to give your home a great first impression.
We take pride in the beauty and functionality of our entry doors. If you prefer a custom entry door design, our team can work with you to customize an entryway especially for you. 

Having an experienced Las Vegas entry door company handle your door installation is a wise investment, and the crew at GVS Windows & Doors always goes above and beyond to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience from start to finish.
traditional entry door replacement las vegas gvs design build
Our experienced GVS professionals can help you choose an entry door that will add beauty to you home, while delivering the best in efficiency and weather protection!  Give us a call to discuss your needs and to learn more about the selection of quality replacement doors we offer.  For more information about the entry doors that we install in homes in the Las Vegas area, contact us today.


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Patio Door Replacement Las Vegas

Patio doors may not be the center of attention in your home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get their fair share of use and abuse. In fact, in Las Vegas, your patio doors may actually be opened and closed far more than your front door. With kids, guests, and the family grill master all going in and out regularly, it is little wonder that patio doors often become battered, drafty, or difficult to open. At GVS Windows & Doors, we can give you a gateway to your patio and pool that will make getting to your back yard nearly as satisfying as being in it
bedroom wood framed sliding doors las vegas gvs design build

Today's Patio Doors:  Not What They Use To be!

Patio doors have come a long way in their ability to elevate the style of your home, while also giving you access to your outdoor living space that you want and deserve.  However, patio doors can be a significant drain on your monthly energy bills.  Old, inefficient windows allow radiant summer heat to seep in and cool conditioned air to escape. That is why many Las Vegas homeowners are replacing their old patio doors with modern, energy-efficient doors from GVS Windows & Doors.

3 Signs it is Time to Replace Your Patio Doors:

  • Difficulty Opening and Closing:
    One of the first signs that it is time to replace your patio door is if you are having trouble opening and closing it. Old patio doors can be a pain to deal with and sometimes even make them nearly impossible to use. If you are currently dealing with a difficult door, take it as a sign to switch it out for a new one.
  • Foggy Glass Panes:  
    Another sign is a foggy patio door. Foggy patio doors occur when seals have broken down. Broken seals will not only obstruct your view but can cause ineffective insulation coverage and water damage. Problems with insulation can result in drafts, overrun HVAC systems, and high electric bills. Water damage can cause structural issues and the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Poor Insulation:
    While this can be attributed to damaged seals, it can also be attributed to old patio doors in general. Patio doors today are not built like they used to be. Modern patio doors are constructed with high-quality seals, multiple glass panes, gas insertion, and low-E coatings to ensure no heat or air escapes through them. If you find your patio doors hot to the touch or freezing cold, depending on the season, we highly recommend getting them replaced.

Doors are a Reflection of Style & Luxury

Selecting the right patio door can make a huge difference on how your home looks. You do not have to stay with the same style of patio door that you inherited. GVS offers a large selection of patio doors to suit the needs and home décor of any homeowner.

Your custom patio door is always designed to your specifications to make sure it fits perfectly, as our goal is to provide your home with the best appearance possible while securing your belongings and your loved ones. We can help you create the look that you have been dreaming of for your home.
patio sliding glass doors las vegas gvs design build
patio glass wall system las vegas gvs design build

Moving Glass Wall System

When you think of Las Vegas living, you think of relaxing, outdoor living spaces with patios, pools, barbeques, and dining areas. You imagine enjoying good times with family and friends against a backdrop of beautiful desert landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets. Many homeowners connect their outdoor spaces to their homes with sliding or folding glass patio doors.

Create a vibrant mural of the outdoors with large glass panels, offering a sweeping outdoor view, flooding the room with natural light and fresh air. Aspirational yet realistic, these moving glass walls seamlessly transition between dreams and reality.
The interior environment of your home is greatly influenced by the amount of natural light that you bring inside. Glass telescoping doors optimize the natural light in your home and allow you to enjoy your exterior landscape from the comfort of your home. Whether that be the city lights, majestic mountain views, or simply the peace and privacy of your own backyard. Sliding or folding door systems (stackable or bi-fold options available) add a high-end architectural element to your home, that allows you to maximize your indoor/outdoor experience, by opening any living space to the surrounding outdoor landscape. Open or closed, these door systems provide you with amazing views and extend your living space. For the view you deserve, call to speak with a GVS expert about designing a movable glass wall system for your home.
modern family room sliding patio doors las vegas gvs design build
Of course, not all patio doors are created equal, which is why homeowners in the know turn to GVS Windows & Doors to install patio doors. Our patio doors are some of the best in the market, and when you consider all the benefits they will provide for your home in Las Vegas, it is easy to see why.

Ready for new patio doors that will enhance and beautify your home for many years? If so, it is time to give the experts at GVS Windows & Doors a call. 
You can also fill out our simple online contact form now to schedule your free design consultation and estimate.


Myth:  My Current Double Pane Windows are Good Enough!
This is one of the most common myths that keep homeowners from replacing their windows.  They feel that if their windows are double pane, they are fine and working efficiently, no matter how old they are.  The fact is older double pane windows are simply two panes of glass that were set in the frame to create an additional air-gap barrier that reduces some energy transfer.

Replacement window technology of today has advanced so far in the past twenty years, that older double pane windows are highly inefficient compared to today’s double-pane windows.  Special technology advancements like gas fills, spacers, films, and specially formulated seals create a highly efficient window that prevents sound and energy transfer, along with blocking certain harmful light rays. 

Few, if any of these are found in older double pane windows.  And chances are, your older windows have broken seals and perhaps condensation.  Replacing them will reduce energy usage, protect your furniture from the sun’s rays, and quiet your home from outdoor noise.


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"  Couldn't Ask For a Better Company!
Great company to hire for your home project. We had extended wall plus a door put in on the second floor. The sales manager Rick was very patiently explaining the whole process and answered all the questions that we had. His team showed up on time every day and cleaned up the area before they left. During the project, Rick also called and ensured all goes well. I never had a company called and checked during any project done in my house. His team communicated with us every step of the way during the process as well. Highly recommended if you have any house or business project needed to be done. They started on time and finished on time. I couldn't ask for a better company than GVS. Thank you very much.

"  Great Customer Service!
They are very professional, and they offer great customer service. If you have any questions, they get back to you right away. You also get what you expected with no surprises, if anything is unusual, they will inform you.

"  Highly Recommend for Home/Business Project!
Great company from top to the bottom. Sales manager Rick was wonderful and professional, his team work on time and clean up everything after the job was done. I couldn’t ask for more. Every little detail that I asked to change or alter was done immediately. Highly recommend for your home/business project.
~ SUE R.



Who We Are!
Honesty, Loyalty, Partnership, Top Quality.  Since 2011, GVS has provided design build construction services with a focus on our clients’ needs and budget. We have established a strong reputation within our markets by executing projects on time, within budget, exceeding required building standards and taking the time to do things the proper way. With GVS Design & Build Construction, you will never have to choose between quality workmanship and affordable pricing!  Get the best of both worlds with us.
miguel gutierrez owner president ceo of gvs construction llc
Miguel Gutierrez
Owner, President, CEO
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Miguel always had a vision of incorporating design with construction for a true design build experience. With a background in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, Miguel was able to achieve this through discipline, organization, and knowledge acquired while participating in distinct roles on different projects over the years.

Miguel embraces the definition of Renaissance Master builders such as Michelangelo and their theories of practice to modern day applications. For Example, Miguel would be found in the trenches with concrete form setters one day, and then on top of a beam the next day with a framing crew.
“ Very early on in my career I found out the hard way that the design disciplines had little to no interaction with the trades. Working with senior level Architects on major projects I realized there was a strict separation between design and the physical work occurring in the field. Projects would run out of control with change orders, request for information (RFI’s), and lack of conveyance of design intent, resulting in the original design idea vanishing into thin air with only a mere shadow of the original design being built.  I came to the realization that, by offering a true design build and communicating directly with the trades, projects would run under budget and the original design idea would not be lost. "
soledad martinez director of operations of gvs construction llc
Soledad Martinez
Director of Operations
Administrative coordination, human resource representative, payroll and billing administration.
rick rodrigo director of sales cem of gvs construction llc
Rick Rodrigo
Director of Sales/CEM
Sales team management, sales coordination, marketing and high-level project management.
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